Using Insertive Sex Toys

  • Insertion of an unshared sex toy Flèche NO RISK
  • Insertion of a shared sex toy, without a condom Flèche HIGH RISK
  • Insertion of a shared sex toy, with a condom Flèche NEGLIGIBLE RISK *
  • Insertion of a disinfected sex toy Flèche NEGLIGIBLE RISK **

* The condom could be defective or improperly used, making it impossible to classify these activities as no risk.

** There is a possibility that the toy may not be cleaned properly.

This activity may cause trauma to the vaginal or rectal lining, making it easier for HIV transmission to occur later with unprotected penile intercourse.

Using sex toys (e.g. dildos, vibrators, Chinese balls, butt plugs, anal beads) and other objects can cause trauma to the mucosal lining of the rectum or vagina. The extent of trauma varies depending on the size of the device.

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