Negligible Risk

These sexual activities present some risk of HIV transmission because they lead to an exchange of body fluids. However, the amount of fluids and the way they are exchanged seem to make transmission less likely, and no transmission of HIV has been documented.

  • Oral sex:
    • Performing fellatio (mouth/penis) with a condom
    • Receiving fellatio with or without a condom
    • Performing cunnilingus (mouth/vulva) with protection
    • Receiving cunnilingus with or without protection
    • Performing or receiving anilingus (mouth/anus) with or without protection
  • Digital penetration (fingers-anus/fingers-vagina) with or without a latex glove
  • Performing or receiving manual penetration (hand-anus/hand-vagina) with or without a latex glove
  • Sharing sex toys using a new condom for each person
  • Sharing properly disinfected sex toys
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